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Opening letter

banniereDear friends,

I am delighted to introduce you « Equipe Créative ». This name stands for “Creative Team”. By choosing this name, we wanted to stay close to our french roots.

As the name suggests, this is first of all a team! Together we design, develop and share our creations, our projects, but also the work of other artists we admire and who inspire us. That way we want to offer you an online platform where we will write a series of articles enrolling in various fields such as art, news, technology, fashion, travel …

We chose the structure of the association to enable us to organize events of all kinds. One of our priorities is to share the issues that we think are important and support the art and other initiatives that contribute to a positive dynamic at a time when the bad news fuse.

Besides our platform and our events, we dream to be able to offer you a print issue of our website, a magazine retracing our path, our projects, our conversations with different people …Without limiting ourselves to specific areas, our primary aim is to convey a creative energy. Let us be creative together every single day.

Our project is a participatory construction, so join us to support the team, share your ideas, contribute your writing or creations in artistic events.

Help us to quickly organize a meeting in order to write the next chapter together!

To join us, simply write to us at the following address:

Hope to meet you soon,
Please support us on social networks!

Thank you for taking the time to read this letter,
Thibault Mechler,
President of Equipe Créative.